A dedicated Armed Forces Memorial for Bromsgrove
The Bromsgrove Armed Forces Memorial Fund (BAFMF) was formed by four local businessmen and ex-servicemen. For reasons now lost to history the town has never had a dedicated memorial that recognises the service and sacrifice made on behalf of the country by the men and women of this town.

In recent years Bromsgrove has paid tribute at the Burma Star memorial, which honours soldiers who died fighting the Japanese in the Far East campaign of the Second World War. While it rightly lauds those who served in that bloody campaign, it remains just that – one campaign. Since the Second World War British personnel have served all over the world – Palestine, Korea, Malaya, Kenya, Northern Ireland, the Gulf, Afghanistan to name but a few.

Bromsgrove needs a central focal point that recognises all branches of the armed forces and all theatres of war in which they served. The BAFMF campaign aims to put that right, a campaign that with the help of the people of this town we will win.
Bromsgrove Armed Forces Memorial Fund Proposed Plot
The memorial will be on a plot next to the Burma Star on Crown Green which has been provided by Bromsgrove District Council. The campaign has the backing of the Royal British Legion and the Burma Star association and Lord Cobham of Hagley Hall has agreed to be its patron.

We invite the public to organise their own fundraising events, which we will gladly help in any way we can.

Donations can be made to Bromsgrove Armed Forces Memorial Fund.